It is important for us to gain experience with new technologies. But before we use them in productive customer projects, we familiarize ourselves with them within "Labs" projects.

AI generates names

This experiment demonstrates how a neural network can be creative. We give the neural network a list of names. The network discovers the patterns and is then able to come up with fantasy-names which often sound very real.

A neural network in your browser

Can a neural network learn the rules of a simple game? This experiment shows that this is possible.

Commute less!

Do you want to minimize your commute time? Do you have a new workplace and you're looking for a place of residence? This tool can help you find the location. It visualizes your commute time to your workplace for all locations on a map.

A second life for an old iPhone

Mühlemann&Popp is also operating a Coworking-Space for startups. 5 startups in one big office. This office had one doorbell. With one ringtone for all startups. The doorbell rang, and a big guesswork started: Who is it for? Guess what: Either two people got up. Or noone. What a mess! - Here's the solution.

On the frontpage of Hacker News

This little app mad it to the frontpage of Hacker news. It is a simple simulator of cars on a highway. Try to maximize the throughput by playing with the parameters. It will show you why traffic will become much more performant and use less resources once everyone drives self-driving car